Consultancy Specialities

What I hear, I forget.
What I see, I remember.
What I do, I understand.

Kung Fu Tzu (Confucius)


The current world situation demands that all areas of a company, organisation or country’s security and security preparedness be at its best.  In most cases the only way to achieve this is through constant re-evaluation and strategic review, analysis of procedures and the implementation of a robust and realistic training regime.

CBF believes that through our ability to provide a comprehensive consultancy service which analyses procedures and protocols we can provide an effective enhancement to existing procedures, protocols and training.

Training Needs Analysis ( TNA )

This is an area of training development which is often ignored.  We believe that the importance of the robust review of procedures and skill sets and the way in which they are implemented is the key to a successful training programme.  

A TNA carried out properly will be able to deliver a report which states what areas exist that are successful within the current way organisations function, but will also be able to show a gap analysis where deficiencies exist and how to improve these areas through a progressive training programme.

Quality Assurance

The continuation of review and report is an essential part of maintaining organisational effectiveness.  Quality assurance in an integral part of that process, internal validation provides management with a means to measure its own processes and procedures.

External validation however provides quality assurance through a confirmatory review that looks at the processes and procedures from the outside looking in.  It will also provide validation of any external agencies ensuring the organisation is being provided with the services it is expecting.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)

It is a vital function of any protocol that when implemented it is done so without loss of effectiveness. The production of a set of SOP’s provides assurances that these functions are carried out in a uniform and progressive manner and that all parties are conversant with the procedures and protocols needed to do so.  The SOP manual is a method of disseminating this information, ensuring it is available to all who need it in a timely fashion.

CBF can provide the necessary expertise to produce SOP’s on a variety of subject areas following a set procedure for review and production.

The preparation of an SOP manual is an involved task and usually involves three major stages:

  • Organisational systems and process study by intensive interaction with process owners, managers, operatives, etc. to understand in detail the tasks that are performed.
  • Preparation of the draft manual
  • Finalisation of the draft manual after discussion with users where any errors are corrected and process improvement recommendations are discussed and accepted or rejected.

An SOP manual typically describes the standard operating procedures (SOPs) followed for various processes within an organization. Its main objectives are:

  • To systematically record all current  policies, processes and procedures currently followed
  • To clearly indicate the flow of actions performed from beginning to end of the process chain
  • To inculcate a culture of “CONTROL CONSCIOUSNESS” among process owners and operatives
  • To observe shortcomings in these policies, processes and procedures and make suitable recommendations for improvements in the policies, process effectiveness, process efficiency, internal controls and compliance, as applicable
  • To serve as a basis for disseminating the information required for effective implementation, and to form guidance for training, ensuring all participants are aware of their roles and responsibilities.
  • To act as a reference guide for Internal Audit, which assesses the extent to which the SOP is complied with.

Operational Management

Information to be provided for this item shortly. In the meantime please contact CBF Security for full details.

K9 Consultancy

K9 Services/Training Search Technicians and K9 are an essential resource which, if used effectively, can make a valuable contribution to reducing and detecting crime and disorder and building safer communities.

CBF can provide services and training which will lead to first class operational standards. Accreditation training can be conducted both within the UK and abroad. The strategic aim includes the highest professional standards within the operational role, training and the acquisition of dogs, including a breeding program if required.

Training Courses and Services

  • Explosive search dog and handler.
  • Drug / firearm / cash dog and handler.
  • General purpose dog and handler.
  • Firearms / QRT support dog and handler.
  • Bespoke dog and handler.


Information to be provided for this item shortly. In the meantime please contact CBF Security for full details.